INclusive Theatre with a Passion for OUTstanding Storytelling...

Theatrical Tendencies presents professional theatre that meets a rising demand in the LGBTQ community for audiences to see their life experiences represented on stage. We offer diverse productions with contemporary and alternative lifestyle themes that explore complex and varied situations such as relationships, family, prejudice, and values. We present shows that challenge our audiences both emotionally and artistically, that touch the heart, stimulate the brain, feed the soul, and build cultural bridges. We strive to create greater positive public awareness and acceptance through the performing arts.

Theatrical Tendencies, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit professional theatre company.


President - Mark E. Schuster

Vice President - Jacob Dougherty

Secretary - Jim Lautenbach

Treasurer - TBD

Members at Large - TBD


Stay tuned for future performance locations!