Meet the Cast of NEXT FALL!



Your role in NEXT FALL:


Briefly tell us a little about yourself (job, hobbies, passions, unique talents, etc).

I am a nomadic minister's daughter who resides in Milwaukee at this moment.  Previous places I have called home: Michigan, Connecticut, Washington State, Illinois, Minnesota, Maine, New York City.  I love being involved in the Milwaukee Theatre Community.  I also work as a Visual Merchandiser for H&M, so I spend a lot of time with mannequins who are gracious enough to be quiet while I practice monologues, lines, and songs.  I perform with T.I.M. (The Improvised Musical) at Comedy Sportz every third Thursday of the month - come check us out!

Have you worked with Tt before?

Yes!  I was very lucky to be able to play Heidi in [title of show] with three of my favorite fellow performers - Mara McGhee, Mark Neufang, and Jake Mace, under the direction of one of my favorite people, Mark E. Schuster.

Tell us a little bit about your character in NEXT FALL.

At this point, I am still discovering Holly.  I know she loves the people in her life, and though she may be sure about how she feels for them, she's unsure about how she feels for herself.  She's in perpetual self-discovery and perpetual searching.  We shall see how much more I can get to know her in the coming weeks.

What do you appreciate most about NEXT FALL?

I appreciate that NEXT FALL brings up difficult questions and never completely gives the answers - because we never get all the answers.  We never know exactly how to live exactly the right way, because there is no right way.  We have our own ways and then we learn from those around us, if we are lucky, and if we are open.  And we can love one another even in our differences.    

Why should audiences come see NEXT FALL?

A contemporary play like NEXT FALL gives us the chance to watch the moments in the lives of regular people.  While their lives are the central theme, many other big things are happening to people all around them, and to the people in the audience.  We get a chance to watch how a small group of people deal with a particular situation, and then we leave them be.  I love seeing plays like that, and I hope others come to experience it.