Meet the Cast of NEXT FALL!


Donna L. Lobacz

Your role in NEXT FALL:


Briefly tell us a little about yourself (job, hobbies, passions, unique talents, etc).

IP & Legal Operations Specialist at GE Healthcare, Four Guys groupie (hubby Don is in the group), GLBTA Ally, freelance choreographer

Have you worked with Tt before?         

Dr. Emma Brookner in THE NORMAL HEART, Ensemble in THE LARAMIE PROJECT, Tt board member

Tell us a little bit about your character in NEXT FALL. 

Arlene has an interesting back story. A bit of a wild child in her younger years, she wasn’t much of a mother but still loves her son the best way she knows how. She is funny and warm.

What do you appreciate most about NEXT FALL? 

The show doesn’t preach but shows different religious viewpoints and lets the audience decide what they believe.

Why should audiences come see NEXT FALL? 

It is a funny, warm contemporary play about real people facing real life situations that we all hope we never have to face.