Meet the Cast of NEXT FALL!


Raymond Sartler

Your role in NEXT FALL:


Briefly tell us a little about yourself (job, hobbies, passions, unique talents, etc).

I'm a Milwaukeean humbled by small town roots. In such a way that I know how to parallel park but am still amazed I don't have to drive two towns over to catch a movie. I grew up investing time into all kinds of art: music, theatre, writing, drawing, and more. It all stuck with me, and I'm happiest when I'm practicing my creativity.  The most important thing I want people to know is I loathe decorum. I'm unapologetic about it. And I'm on Twitter. @rjsartler #nextfall

Have you worked with Tt before?         

I'm new!  The talented people of Theatrical Tendencies have so warmly welcomed me and it has been a wonderful privilege working with them.  I think they brought me on because I'll make these already talented people look even better in comparison.

Tell us a little bit about your character in NEXT FALL. 

There's a simplicity and generosity in Luke, an aspiring actor, that made him so fun for me to connect to.  Luke is a gay Christian (even though I've seen plenty of bumper stickers that say it's impossible to be both).  He fully understands the flak one gets for being gay and a Christian; nonetheless, Luke loves Adam (Mark Neufang) wholly and is devoted to his faith eternally. Two things that, turn out, aren't shared so easily.  

What do you appreciate most about NEXT FALL? 

NEXT FALL goes far beyond a typical love story.  It brings to light that Life is big and People are small; this play wittily shows us how these two assumptions meet.  And I'm really loving that I get to eat and be in my underwear onstage.

Why should audiences come see NEXT FALL? 

Heavy topics like religion, love, and acceptance are scripted honestly in NEXT FALL. Each sometimes, as we know, just as ridiculous, and messy, and inexplicable as the other.  

Plus... Men in underwear. Gay drama. Laughs. Let's be honest, it's better than what you were going to do anyhow.