Meet the cast of SOME MEN!


What characters do you play in SOME MEN?

Fritz, Zach, David, Jackson, Nurse Jack and Louis.

Briefly tell us a little bit about yourself...

I give wonderful customer service. I am prone to spontaneous singing and awkward dancing. I speak in movie quotes and song lyrics. I workout to Japanese metal music. I arrange dramatic scenes with action figures. I'm a bisexual boy and I love alliteration.

Have you worked with Theatrical Tendencies before?

Yes! This is my fourth Tt show on stage. I've also run tech in the booth and have done crew work for a few other Tt shows.

Tell us about your favorite character that you play in SOME MEN.

I probably like Zach the best. He's smart and masculine and confident. He's sure of his sex appeal and passionate about his cause. I admire that because there are times when I am very self conscious and wish I had something more to fight for.

What is something that you didn't know about "gay life" in the past century that you've learned from SOME MEN.

It will forever be my first introduction to the bathhouse experience, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Why should audiences come to see SOME MEN?

I think there's enough variety that gay people will find some situation to identify with. It also allows people to develop an appreciation for the lives of "some men" throughout history. Plus people get to see me in next to no clothing, if you're into that sort of thing.