Meet the cast of SOME MEN!

Clarence 'Sammy' Aumend

What characters do you play in SOME MEN?

Marty, Camus, Archie (Roxie) and Scoop.

Briefly tell us a little bit about yourself...

I work as an Information Technology Specialist (a geek). I love to go Karaoke with friends and I am an Ordained Minister and a Wedding DJ (yes you can hire me to do both at the same time!).

Have you worked with Theatrical Tendencies before?

This is the first time that I have worked with Theatrical Tendencies and I'm having a blast working with them and all the awesome actors!

Tell us about a favorite character that you play in SOME MEN.

There are a couple of characters that are my favorites because they are so different, but Camus has to be a favorite because I remember internet chatting for hours on end! It was so long ago… well… OK… last night!! LOL!

What is something that you didn't know about "gay life" in the past century that you've learned from SOME MEN?

I am a very open person and have a lot of gay friends and also a gay son. There is still a lot to learn about ‘gay life’.  I think it’s more than the ten-thousand-foot view most people see but more about the one foot we don’t see. Viewing everyone the same and loving them no matter what.

Why should audiences come and see SOME MEN?

Well besides me being in it?! (that was a joke… or maybe…) I would say that this is a play that will make people laugh, cry and think about the men whose stories affected a lot of people.