Meet the cast of SOME MEN!


What characters do you play in SOME MEN?

Paul, Michael, Will, Cliff, Lester, Richard and Dick

Briefly tell us a little bit about yourself...

I love to cook and food is something that is constantly on my mind (seriously, I may have a problem).  I'm always wanting to try new things that I haven't before.  Luckily I work all day with great people who also love talking about (and eating!) food.  

 Have you worked with Theatrical Tendencies before?

No.  It's been a lot of fun working and performing with everyone!  

Tell us about a favorite character that you play in SOME MEN.

My favorite is Paul.  I enjoy that his story shows so many different parts of his relationship with someone named Tommy.   Not only of the love and happiness they shared but also the loss and acceptance of their relationship.  

What is something that you didn't know about "gay life" in the past century that you've learned from SOME MEN?

This show has made me look more closely at the history of HIV/AIDS in the gay community.  I quickly realized that while I had learned about the subject, I didn't have any perspective or idea of what it actually meant to be living through something that difficult.  

Why should audiences come and see SOME MEN?

I'd say because I think this show really does a great job of presenting different aspects of "gay life" in heartfelt stories that people can relate to.